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A few words of introduction, clarification and welcome
The ALMIGHTY GOD, in His sovereign and tender mercies, has been pleased to call out a people to the Lord Jesus Christ in the Ballaghaderreen area for His glory.  There was absolutely nothing in us to gain any favour with GOD.  In fact, every one of us were born sinners, lived as sinners and were by nature the children of God’s wrath.  But out of His pure, free grace and mercy and by virtue of the finished work of JESUS CHRIST THE SON OF GOD on the cross,  He has freely forgiven our sins, called and begotten us by His Holy Spirit, given us a new heart, and has made us willing to gladly love, obey and serve Him with a true heart. 

In keeping with the clear mandate of the Holy Scriptures, as well as the light of reason and nature, we regularly assemble together for the sacred, sincere and solemn purpose of worshipping and serving the only Living and True GOD. 

In all that we do as a church, we seek to carefully follow and obey the proper teaching of Holy Scripture.  In consequence, we aim that our services of worship are marked by reverence, godly fear and order, while our hearts rejoice in God our Saviour. By far the largest proportion of time in our services is given to the reading and expounding of the Word of God. Next, is prayer, where we speak freely and intelligently (i.e. with our understanding) to God.  We also sing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs, with propriety.  In all things, we aim for the sole glory of God and the real edification (not mysticism, fancy or mere feeling) of the gathered worshippers. In short, we strive to pattern all things by the Word of God. 

It is our greatest privilege and honour to serve the LORD JESUS CHRIST in Ballaghaderreen. That of course means, that if you have any genuine desire for the Living and True God, to find and know Him, obey or serve Him with a sincere heart, we would only be too glad to serve you as He enables.  

Like all true children of God in all ages, we are aware, that we are a much slandered people.  We are labelled many baseless things by some, but they did worse to our Master when He came to earth as a Man.  For our part, our only boast and defence is Jesus Christ our Righteousness . We rest in nothing other than in His Blood, wounds and substitutionary death for us. We seek to preach not ourselves, but Jesus Christ, and Him crucified, risen, and exalted in heaven, Who is returning soon to judge the world in righteousness. Our sincere desire is that many more around us will be quickened by God's Spirit, renounce their own ways and works and willingly embrace the Son of God even our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, be clothed with His righteousness, and go on to live a life of obedience to the Master, serving Him with gladness and fruitfulness.

'Thanks be unto God for His unspeakable Gift!'

If you are interested to know more of the Gospel (i.e. good news) and the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ we believe, love, seek to follow and preach, we cordially invite you to "Come and see".
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